Stay golden Ponyboy
Basketball is what i love
Music is life
Follow me you never know it could be great
Have a fancy day(:
Hey there how are you?(;

Hey there how are you?(;



Football games are times to hang out with friends, stalk your crushes, and maybe finally go from he is my crush, to he is my boyfriend(: But for me its stalking hot guys and then being called a freak..

Ahahaha(: This was from a while ago(:&lt;3

Ahahaha(: This was from a while ago(:<3


The house right next to Justin Biebers is for sale: Beliebers

Ahaaa soo true!

Tall guy + short girl = cute

Tall girl + short guy = awkward

This isn’t fair for me. Im 5’7 1/2 and every cute guy in my school is shorter than me. So its always gonna be awkward.

Austin, Alex, Robert, Zach and Tyler! To much sexiness to handle!!